Lawn Care

Do you have weeds?  How about dirt spots?  Ready to do something about it?  Let’s make a plan.
lawncare_LantripAt Lantrip Services, Inc. we understand the need for superior service combined with professional discretion when working with your private home. Your private property is very important to us here at Lantrip Services Inc and we will take great pride in servicing your lawn, landscape, outdoor lighting, and fertilization/pest management.

Lantrip Services Inc. offers Brownsburg and surrounding areas full service commercial, residential, and estate lawn care programs that are all tailored to each property. There are short term and long term contracts available. Our programs include but are not limited to: Mowing; Trimming; Hard Edging; Grass Mulching, Blowing off clippings and leaves and then any other services that are needed or wanted, such as Aerations, Overseeding, Top Dressing, and any Turf Fertilization and Weed Control Plans!

Turf fertilization and Weed Control:

With any lawn care plan, Each fertilization and weed control plan is tailored for your property and your personal expectations in what you want for your lawn. Plans start at 4 to 5 applications and can go up to 13 applications. These applications will be discussed amongst everyone in detail.

-Insect and Disease Control
Insects and diseases can become a problem very fast and proper identification and fast actions to treatments are very vital to maintaining a healthy lawn.
Some common diseases are Brown Patch, Red Thread, Dollar Spot, Copper Spot, Take-All Patch and Rust.

-Mosquito Control
Trying to plan a party or cookout and you want an insect free event? Let Lantrip Services, Inc. help you with those nasty lurking bugs. There are also some plants that can help with these mosquitos too that we can talk to you about.

-Perimeter Control
We have an all outside Perimeter lawn and house application that will keep those bugs outside from your perimeters and are a barrier to them.