Outdoor Lighting

At Lantrip Services we can Design and Install as well as Repair and maintain your low voltage outdoor lighting systems.

outdoor_lighting_pageIf you already have a system we can also convert your current system to LED’s. At Lantrip Services we can custom design outdoor lighting to help illuminate your landscaping, patios, decks and trees.

Add some accent lights within your landscaping, or add some special lighting to your decks, stairs, and highlight your pool. These low voltage systems can also have dimmers and timers that can help suit the perfect atmosphere for your function. Lantrip Services, Inc. is proud to serve you with lighting products from our partners at Velux lighting and FX lighting.

We serve Brownsburg, Avon, Pittsboro, Plainfield, Zionsville, and the west side of Indianapolis.  Call us with your project today.